Wi-Fi Extenders

Alongside your reliable full fibre broadband package from BeFibre, you can reap a whole host of benefits from Wi-Fi extenders such as Mesh technology — allowing you to enjoy a better online experience without the dead zones, whether you’re are gaming, streaming videos, monitoring at-home security, or anything in between.

What are Wi-Fi Extenders?

A Wi-Fi extender serves as a network device designed to expand the effective range of a wireless network. It functions by receiving Wi-Fi signals from your router and then forwarding the router's data to wireless endpoints. 

There may be some connection challenges due to interference or dead zones within your property, resulting from physical obstructions like walls or a decrease in Wi-Fi signal strength caused by distance, such as when you're in a remote part of a home or office.

Additionally, a Wi-Fi extender can operate in the opposite direction by receiving wireless data from the wireless endpoints and then relaying that data back to the router.

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What are Wi-Fi socket extenders?

Wi-Fi sockets provide an effortless and convenient solution for enhancing your home's Wi-Fi coverage. These Wi-Fi plug sockets can be seamlessly replaced with existing sockets to bolster Wi-Fi signal strength in any areas of your home or building that suffer from weak connectivity, all without the need for extra wiring or adapters. They establish a straightforward WPS connection with your router, ensuring your connection remains as private and secure as a standard setup.

With their excellent wireless range and high data transfer rates, these Wi-Fi extender plugs are well-suited for all regular web browsing tasks and even gaming. Some of them even come equipped with USB ports for hassle-free charging and connection of portable devices.


How do Wi-Fi sockets work?

To enhance your Wi-Fi coverage, place the Wi-Fi socket halfway between your router and the area with weak reception. The range extender will effectively extend the signal to broaden coverage.


What is Mesh?

Mesh operates as a network whereby each node,  can relay data to other nodes within the network, passing it on until it reaches its intended destination. This differs from traditional wireless networks where each device connects exclusively to a central router.

For the typical user on a mesh network, this seamless data relay between nodes ensures an experience comparable to being connected to an exceptionally powerful wireless router. This results in a robust, dependable Wi-Fi signal accessible in every corner of the home.




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