Switching to BeFibre from an another provider


We can't wait to get you started with our game-changing Full Fibre broadband. Switching to BeFibre is easy. Just follow these simple steps!



Step 1

So first things first, check your new post code on our availability checker below to see whether our Full Fibre broadband is available at your home. 


BeFibre – Is full fibre available in my area?


Step 2

Check you contract with your current provider. We don't want you to get any sneaky fees for leaving early. If you are in contract, give us a call and we will see what we can do.


Step 3

Are you ready to pick your package and place your order? Check out our great deals here

BeFibre – full fibre broadband (be-fibre.co.uk)

If you need any help deciding, our sales live chat are here to help or you can give them a call on 

0330 341 0763.

One you've placed your order you can book your installation. 


Step 4

Installation day- Our Fibre Hero's team will be with you to make sure you're all connected. Find out more about what happens on the day here

Your Installation


Step 5

Now you're all connected and enjoying our game changing broadband, make sure you remember to end your service with your old provider- we'd hate for you to get any extra bills! 


That's it! Welcome to BeFibre!