Why do broadband speeds matter?


Broadband speed is undoubtedly one of the biggest considerations when choosing your internet service provider. Put simply, it’s how much data and information can be transferred over the web on a single connection at any one time – and determines what types of activities you can do on the internet.


When you see providers referring to Mbps, what they’re actually talking about is the amount of data which is transmitted per second. The more data transmitted per second, the faster your connection, and therefore, the better your experience.


Understanding how you and your family use the internet at home will help you determine which speed you need. If your broadband speed is too slow, you might run into trouble performing everyday tasks such as streaming video, gaming, or uploading files. Meanwhile, if it’s too fast, you might be overpaying for your internet services.


Remember, the speed you will see is also dependent on the capability of your device and if connecting over wi-fi there are also other things to consider. For more information check out the following article

Optimising your internet speeds


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