How do I test my broadband speed?




How to check your speed


To find out whether you're getting the broadband speed your provider claims or trying to find out whether it's a slow internet connection causing videos to buffer, you can use a number of online tools. 

We use this one.


Use an ethernet connection when testing the speeds and always use at least a Cat 5e or above ethernet cable as these are capable of transmitting the speeds our network delivers.


This will tell you both your ‘download’ speed, or the amount of data per second you receive, as well as your ‘upload’ speed, which is the amount of data per second you're sending to the internet.  Upload speed is important for video calls or online gaming where you need to send your video/game play back to the internet – but can be overlooked, as FTTC services will generally provide a lower upload speed. 


While the above will give you a speed test result, we would recommend you run a speed test directly from your router using the internal speed test. Information on how to do this can be found in the below guides dependent on your router. 

Router support guides



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