What are BeFibre's 'set up' costs?




With BeFibre there are no sneaky upfront costs! 


No set up fee

No installation fee

No activation fee

No postage delivery fee


Standard Installation on all our broadband packages is free – potentially saving you up to £250.


We extend the fibre optic cable from our network to your property (we'll usually attach in a similar place to any existing phone line or underground if you have a duct available) and then our engineer will agree with you where the cable enters your home. From where we attach to your property, we include 15m to get to the agreed entry point.


Once we have the fibre optic inside your home, we'll agree the best place for your router.  We include 10 m of internal cable so we can usually find a good place.  We'll also make sure the internal cable is secure and out of the way!


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