Stay Safe Online




The internet is a wonderful invention but can come with its own hidden dangers. Meaning staying safe online is essential in today's digital world.

Here at BeFibre we want you to Be safe -  so here’s a reminder of our Top 10 tips to help protect your online security and privacy.


1) Use strong passwords:

Create complex passwords that include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Use a unique password for each online account.

Consider using a password manager to generate and store your passwords securely.


2) Enable two-factor authentication (2FA):

Whenever possible, enable 2FA on your online accounts to add an extra layer of security. 2FA means using an additional method of identification as well as a password and typically requires a one-time code sent to your mobile device or email for login.


3) Be cautious with email:

Beware of phishing emails they can trick you into revealing personal information or clicking on malicious links.

Verify the sender's email address and AVOID opening attachments or clicking links from unknown sources.


4) Keep software and apps up to date:

Regularly update your operating system, web browsers, and software.

Enable automatic updates whenever possible.


5) Use a secure and updated web browser:

Use a reputable web browser with good security features.

Keep your browser and extensions up to date.


6) Be wary of scammers….they’re out there!

Be cautious when sharing personal info, even if someone claims to be from a legitimate organization.

Verify the identity of anyone requesting sensitive data.


7) Review privacy settings:

Regularly review the privacy settings of your social media accounts and adjust them to limit the information you share.

Avoid sharing excessive personal information on social media and other online platforms.

Be careful about what you post and who you share it with.


8) Install anti-virus and anti-malware software:

Use reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect your devices from viruses and malicious software.


9) Regularly back-up your data:

Create regular backups of important data to prevent loss due to cyberattacks or hardware failures.


10) Trust your instincts:

If something feels suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and Be safe.


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