How to set up parental controls on my Linksys Router


In our tech-driven world, the internet and Wi-Fi are everywhere. The kids are on it 24/7, but how do we keep them safe?

With the Linksys router you can easily add parental controls to manage the content they see, what they use and when they can use it. 

If you haven't already, take a moment to download the Linksys app below. 


Android   Apple


You can access Parental Controls from the main menu and dashboard of the app.



From here you can do the following;

  • Block specific websites
  • Pause internet use
  • Schedule pauses

Things to remember:

  • Parental Controls only applies to devices connected to your home Wi-Fi. Linksys  cannot manage internet access and activity if a device is connected to the internet via mobile data connection. If your child is connected via mobile data any pauses or blocks you have put in place for safety will not apply. 
  • Basic parental controls do not block access to mobile apps, only to web URLs. For example, can be blocked, but the Facebook app cannot.


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