My broadband is slow. What can I do?

To check the exact speed you’re getting, visit: You can do this in a web browser or download the app for Android and iPhone; and it’ll tell you in just a couple of minutes how quick your connection is. If you use a device connected via Wi-Fi to run the test, you must ensure you stand close to your router and remember that a wi-fi test would generally be slower than a wired/ethernet test. 


Once you’ve done this, you can then consider the following options:


  • Find the best position for your router – place it somewhere central for best coverage
  • Try not to turn your router off, unless we ask you to – this can lead to the connection becoming ‘unstable’
  • Consider a wired connection – more reliable and achieves faster speeds than Wi-Fi
  • Change the channel – multiple devices transmitting on the same channel can cause interference and reduce the experience

    How do I change my Wi-Fi channel - Adtran Router

    How do I change my Wi-Fi channel- Linksys Router


  • Make sure your devices have the latest updates – this could make a real difference to network speeds
  • Get a Wi-Fi boost – re-broadcast your existing connection for a stronger signal
  • Security – if you haven’t set a password, others can log onto your network, reducing speeds.


If none of the above resolve the issue, then contact our dedicated customer service team on Tel: 0330 088 8383 or Email:


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