Your Installation


Pick your install date

You can select an available install date at the point of sale either online or over the phone with one of our friendly advisors, we'll drop you an email to confirm all the details.

If, at any point, you need to change the installation date, let us know using the contact details below. Please be aware we can only book appointments 7 days in the future. Please also let us know if anything has changed at your property that might affect installation, such as building work.


Customer Support
Call: 0330 088 83 83
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 1pm



Fibre Heroes

You may see our partner Fibre Heroes around the area before your installation date as sometimes they carry out a pre-install check in readiness for the appointment.  They may even extend the fibre network to your house to reduce the time needed on the actual install day.


Changes to your install date

Sometimes there may be changes made by us to your install date. This could be for a number of reasons, sometimes out of our control. Our pre-install checks might identify that we need to do a bit more work than usual to get you onboard which might delay the installation.

Rest assured, if there are any delays we will keep you updated and connect you as soon as we possibly can.


Your Equipment

Check your order email, dependent on your post code your engineer may bring your new router with them ready for the install. If not, your new router will be posted out to you and we'll send you instructions on how to connect to our service.


Things to remember

  • Let your current internet service provider know that you are swapping service.  We always recommend you have an overlap in case the unexpected happens and you need to rearrange the installation date.
  • On the day of the installation ensure a decision make is at the property (Someone over the age of 18)


Installation day

On the day our engineers will need access for around two hours, to complete all external and internal work. They will give you a call on the day to let you when they are coming.

All installations will be carried out on our behalf by Fibre Heroes who will get you connected to our full fibre services efficiently. 

As with all telecom’s providers, we’ll run one of our full fibre cables into your property and connect you either overhead via a pole, or underground. 

Our engineer will chat to you about where you want your equipment.

Make sure you've decided where you want your router as this will have an impact on the wireless signal in your home. The engineer will do what they can to get the router where you want but it isn’t always possible.

The best place to set up your router is in a central, unobstructed location to ensure your home Wi-Fi network has a strong signal anywhere in your house. Moving your router even just a few feet might save you from connection problems – and allow you to get the most out of your broadband subscription.

To get your router in the best position:

  • Put it in a central location in your home
  • Minimise obstructions
  • Elevate it off the floor
  • Keep it away from other electronics
  • Avoid reflective surfaces


The Install

Step 1- We’ll attach our CSP (Consumer splice point) to the outside of your property. Usually at an existing entry point (unless you want it somewhere else and it’s possible)

Step 2- We will install your ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to your internal wall. This will be installed to the nearest power supply socket to the external cable.

Just to make you aware our engineers will need to drill a hole through the wall to enable us to connect the two. If you live in a rental property please make sure you get your landlord's permission for us to drill a hole.

Step 3- All that's needed now is to connect the ONT to the router.


Final checks

Our engineers will check the connection prior to leaving the property - if the network is all working then all it requires is your router to be plugged in.

You’ll then need to set up a password to get all your devices connected!




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